Friday, April 27, 2012

Not a chapter.

Hello, all two readers of this blog. Jean Domremy here, writing. Sorry the Author hasn't been updating-- he's been all tied up for a while.

Oh man, I've wanted to use that one for ages. You see, it's funny because I have him tied to a chair in the back room of my apartment. Couldn't have him screwing up my mysterious, slightly ominous plans, you understand.

I met with your "protagonists" a few months back, and sent them on an errand-- they scratch my back, and such. Then they disappeared for three months, so I'd pretty much given up on that stage of the plan going, well, according to plan. I was just about to put my contingency measures into play when they called me. That was Monday.

Schemes are back in motion, and we're back in business. I'm not giving out the details now, since the Author will quite happily get the world properly up to speed when I let him go. That'll probably be Sunday.

To any idiots with fantasies of attacking my apartment, I have two shotguns aimed at the door and am willing to set the complex on fire. What I'm saying is don't try it.



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